25,000,000 Latinas live in the United States.

Of the 8,236 seats in state and national political office, only 109 are held by Latinas.

We're appalled, too. Join us and Call it Out.

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calls out the lack of elected Latina leaders to change the political landscape.

Political Parity and the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda are driving a national conversation about the need for Latina representation.

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October 22, 2014

Reflections from LatinasRepresent Boston

It has been less than a month since LatinasRepresent Boston and we are already changing the political landscape! Our newest video captures the energy from the day, which included dynamic speakers and lively breakout sessions designed to equip the next generation of Latina leaders with tools to make their political aspirations a reality. Julia Mejia […]

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October 17, 2014

Q&A with Florida State Senator Anitere Flores

Anitere Flores currently serves as a State Senator in Florida, representing District 38. Prior to her election to the Senate, she served as a State Representative from 2004 to 2010, making her the first Republican Hispanic woman to serve in both the Florida House and Senate since 1986. She is a member of the Florida […]

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Congressional Leaders Call for Latina Representation

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One vision, millions of voices, movements spark change. Join us in calling out the lack of elected Latinas. Film it, post it, Represent.

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Get the Facts

We set out to know...

Why so few Latinas in political office?

We looked at the numbers.

chart of the nine latinas in congress (out of 435)

We listened, meeting with hundreds of Latina leaders and candidates to understand their challenges.

We’re leading change, focusing national attention on the need for a democracy that reflects the diversity of our country.

Every Problem Has a Solution

All women face challenges as candidates and elected leaders.

Our research shows that Latinas deal with additional barriers, intersecting gender and race. They also have tremendous opportunity for change.

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